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So this is the blogging world…

As many of you know, I, Bekah, am leaving for an adventure with my roommate and confidant, Claudia, for a 5 month trip through Central and South America. We are flying into Cancun, Mexico on July 8 from Indianapolis, Indiana, and we intend to fly out of Santiago, Chile December 16. We will travel through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala,Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.

To supplement our shoestring budgets, we are members of Helpx (like is an international work exchange program. Mostly, farm and hostel owners post on these websites asking volunteers to work 30ish hours a week and in exchange they house you and feed you. The time commitment, work, and “rewards” vary greatly from farm to farm to hostel to hostel. Browsing is free; membership which allows you access to contact information of owners, is $30. Oh, and they bogo memberships (2 for one that is) cause that’s how they do.

We are just now in the process of deciding specific farms / hostels where we will do the work exchange. We intend to stay 4 weeks in Costa Rica, 4-5 weeks in Peru, and 4 weeks in Argentina via

I wanted to start this blog before I left to document some of the planning process such as where we will be staying via, packing supplies, shots and vaccinations needed, camping / traveling gear and documents, etc. Also, I want this to be a sort of comprehensive guide to creating a trip like this. If you want to start traveling, today is the day to start planning it. Even just the saving part…which can be hard…really hard…There are so many resources at your fingertips that can allow you to travel around the world on a shoestring budget. Screw the resorts. Work hard, play hard. All over the world. Let’s get our hands a little dirty in the jungle… (seriously, though, I’m going to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle)

Here are a some landmarks and cities we intend to hit…

(Geographically starting in Cancun and traveling Southeast for the most part)

1. Well… Cancun, Mexico
July 8, 2014. It’s very cheap to fly in!

2. Chichen Itza in Piste, Mexico
Ancient Mayan ruins? Yes.

3. Chetumal, Mexico

4. Ambergis Caye, Belize
Because it’s gorgeous. In Belize in July, it’s lobster month. So there’s that… (they make lobster everything including ice cream)

5. Tikal, Guatemala
More Mayan ruins. Less traveled / touristy than Chichen Itza.

6. Costa Rica (4 weeks)
Hopefully near Mastatal where we found a farm we love the sound of

7 . Panama (7-10 days)
Taking it easy… whatever we want in Panama…

8. 5 day sailboat from the San Blas Islands in Panama to Cartegena, Colombia

9. Medellin, Colombia

10. Ecuador (7 days)

11. Peru (5ish weeks)
Ideally in Peru we’d like to spend the first two weeks working in the Peruvian Amazon near Iquitos. The next week, take off and spend near Lima on the Western Pacific Coast. After that week, we will make our way to Cusco and make the 4 day trek into Machu Picchu.

12. Bolivia
Cross international border between Peru and Bolivia via Lake Titicaca. Uyuni Salt Flats follow.

13. Iguaza Falls, Argentina
270 degrees of waterfalls. Seriously. The waters and falls share an international border with Brazil and Paraguay.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

15. As far south as our time / money will get us at this late point into the trip. Southern Argentina and Chile are the gateways to Antarctica through the Patagonia region.

16. Mendoza area, Argentina (4 weeks)
This, my friends, is Argentinean wine country. Work exchange here. Working on a vineyard is a real possibility.

17. Santiago, Chile (7 days)

18. Indianapolis International Airport (home)
December 16, 2014

So if you wanted to know, now you do. These are Loki’s Travels and will be updated on #caturday (wifi permitting).


Author’s Note:

We love advice, instruction, warnings, and ideas. But, please, keep them constructive! We listen with an open mind and heart to people that want our trip to be better. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the advice, financial assistance, and encouragement from our surrounding community. Our only request is, please, keep your fear mongering away and do some research! We have spent hundreds of hours creating this itinerary from scratch, knowing there are hundreds of hours more to do. We ask that criticism be constructive.

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