Gear Review: Dirty Girl Gaiters

Sean and I added Dirty Girl Gaiters to our hiking outfit in 2016 when we embarked on our Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Since then, we don’t hike without them!

Sean rocks his gaiters at the PCT high point – Forester Pass – 13,200 ft


Have you ever gotten little rocks or sand in your shoes while you’re hiking? So freaking annoying!! Gaiters are a great solution to this problem. Typically, gaiters are big and bulky, but Dirty Girl has created a new design that is much smaller and light weight. Say goodbye to stopping to remove a small rock or sand from your shoe. Wearing gaiters even helps keep your shoelaces tied.


Simple to Use

Dirty Girl Gaiters go on over your sock up to the ankle. They fit snugly around the ankle but not too tight. They connect to the shoe on the heel with a velcro strip and to the toe with a hook for the laces.

We average about 700 miles per pair of shoes, but the same pair of gaiters lasted the entire PCT.


Sometimes it’s the little things that can help turn a frustrating situation into a smooth one. I was so over rocks, dirt, sticks, or pine needles in my shoe from my Appalachian Trail thruhike that adding gaiters for my Pacific Crest Trail thruhike was a no brainer. At $23 per pair with a multitude of different fun designs, we consider Dirty Girl gaiters a must.

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