Gear Review: Buff Headware

I actually remember the first time I saw someone wearing a Buff about a week before embarking on the Appalachian Trail. Although all of my gear was ready to go, I immediately ordered a Buff when I got home to complete my hiking outfit. Over 5,000 trail miles later, I still use the same Buff when I hit the trail.

Weighing our bags at Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia, minutes before we started hiking to Maine on the Appalachian Trail.

What’s a Buff?

Ok, Buff makes different models of headware, but they are commonly called “Buffs.” A Buff is a multifunctional headscarf that can be used a bunch of different ways like as a headband to restrain fly away hairs, a neck protector against the sun, or (my favorite) a quick ear cover to gain warmth.

Same Buff, different side of the country. Sean and I were lucky to spend a zero day on the shores of Lake Tahoe with our best friends near the Pacific Crest Trail.

I, like many other women hikers, run cold pretty much all the time. I wear my Buff while I hike as a headband which I can quickly adjust to cover my ears if I get cold. I love the convenience of having a versatile headscarf at hands reach. My Buff is definitely not limited to trail use. Buff carries a bunch of different models, patterns, and designs that can be used as casual wear as well.

I love taking a pic with all of the National Forest signs.

My Buff may be a small part of my backpacking setup, but I always make sure I don’t hit the trail without it. Being able to cover up my ears easily adds just a little comfort to my outdoor experience.

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4 Comments on “Gear Review: Buff Headware

  1. I love Buff products! I have like 10 of them! I always pack at least 2 in my pack so that if one get sweaty I can swap it out.

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