I’m Bekah, a budget traveler, long distance hiker, and passionate environmentalist from Indianapolis, IN, USA. One day, I decided I didn’t want to dream about traveling any more. Nope, no more dreaming. Time for doing. I decided to take a leap of faith into unknown territory and figure out how to see the world without spending a fortune of money that I didn’t have. I collected my pennies and hit the web to create a plan.

Since July 2014, I have visited 13 countries, 40 States, and hiked over 5,000 miles including the entire Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Colorado Trail. Currently,Β  my husband, Sean, and I are hiking the Continental Divide Trail to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking.

The past four years have been an incredible blessing and have opened my eyes to the beauty of this world. In these experiences, I’ve become hyper aware of the importance of protecting and preserving this, our only, planet and its resources. In traveling and at home, we do whatever is in our power to minimize our impact, promote environmental awareness, and educate others to the same end. Join us in taking environmental protection into your own hands.

Somehow, I found a way to start seeing the world on a budget, and it truly changed my life. I consider these experiences to be my greatest teacher and encourage others on a travel path of their own. Follow the blog here, on Facebook, or on InstagramΒ for the adventure of a lifetime.

The world is yours – go see it.


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