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Indianapolis, IN – Welcome to the Circle City

¿De donde eres? -Los Estados Unidos ¿Cual Estado? -Indiana Oh…Indiana Jones! -Sí, exactamente I couldn’t tell you how often that conversation actually happened. Well, I’d like to welcome to  you to the Midwest, The Crossroads of America,  my home, Indiana. It’s not California, Colorado, or… Continue Reading “Indianapolis, IN – Welcome to the Circle City”

Coming Home

It’s hard to believe I’ve been home for over a month. My final flight landed me home in Indianapolis, IN, where I was warmly greeted by my sisters, father, and boyfriend. It was pretty surreal seeing all the people I had greatly missed. Since… Continue Reading “Coming Home”

Final Leg: Northern Chile, Valparaíso, and Buenos Aires

Well we escaped our Arequipa slump, vacation, rest and decided to keep heading south. We had planned to visit Bolivia but got discouraged by that $160 reciprocity fee (After, we learned this has been reduced to $50 O.o). Onward to Chile. We took an… Continue Reading “Final Leg: Northern Chile, Valparaíso, and Buenos Aires”

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