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Four Feet in Four Days

The storm began Sunday around noon. I was out enjoying an incredible perk of working at Togwotee Mountain Lodge¬†– an employee snowmobile ride. This was our second time to get to ride some sleds on a guided tour and this time we headed to… Continue Reading “Four Feet in Four Days”

Working in a Winter Wonderland

First off, my apologies for being a little behind on the website. After 2400 miles over 5 months on the PCT, we took our van to Northern California for seven weeks of off grid R&R. We had to, unfortunately, scrap the van there as… Continue Reading “Working in a Winter Wonderland”

Work and Travel: Winter Work at a Ski Resort

Have the itch to go travel, but need to make money along the way? I spent the last four months working at Stratton Mountain Resort in Southern Vermont, hit the ski slopes in my off time, and even managed to save up for the… Continue Reading “Work and Travel: Winter Work at a Ski Resort”

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