Central America. 6 Weeks. 4 Countries. $2650. Part 4 – Belize

That’s right!

We went to Central America for 6 Weeks, visited 4 Countries, and spent $2650 per person.

(And you could too!)

Here’s where we went and what we did!

Part 4: Belize

belize map_Fotor

Getting In

Coming from Honduras, we took the Pride of Belize from Puerto Cortes to Placencia. This boat saves a ton of time compared to crossing from overland. This boat only runs on Mondays at 11:30 am and costs about $60 per person.


We arrived in Belize with 5 full days to spare until we were flying back to the USA out of Cancun airport. Since our boat landed us in Placencia, we decided to stay in this town. This town is a bit out of the way for the traditional backpackers, but we quite enjoyed taking it really easy for our final week in Central America. I mean, what’s better than books, beers, and a basically private beach?



Placencia Overview

  • Accommodation – There weren’t too many budget options in this little town. We got a private room for $35 (USD) per night and had full kitchen access where we cooked most of our meals.
  • Transportation – Placencia can be reached by bus from Belize City in about 3 hours. We ended up here by boat from Puerto Cortes, Honduras. Once we were here, all services and the beach were a short walk away.
  • Food – Food is a bit more pricey here. Expect to pay $5-$10 in a restaurant. We cooked most of our meals to save some money.
  • Entertainment – Beach, boating, kayaking, stand up paddle board, diving, snorkeling, Mayan ruins excursions, swimming, wildlife viewing


Getting Out

We left Placencia the day before our flight from Cancun and headed to Belize City early in the morning. Upon arrival, we went to the bus station and bought tickets for our bus. We still had about 12 hours to kill before our overnight bus would take us directly to the Cancun airport. (Note: If you want to visit Belize, you can save hundreds of dollars by flying into Cancun and taking a bus instead of flying directly into Belize. I’ve done this twice now with no issues.)

Belize City is not exactly known for its tourists attractions and is actually a little sketchy. We didn’t have any plans made to kill time so we grabbed some food and beers. Not long after, a tour guide on his day off befriended us. He bought us a round and offered to spend the day with us on the pier while we waited for the bus. Well, why not?


After a marathon day of drinking, we boarded our final bus with rosy cheeks and made our way to the airport. We left at about 11:00 pm, arrived at customs a few hours later, and made it to the airport at about 7:00 am. By 10:00, we were USA bound with this whole Central American adventure behind us.

Belize Overall

On this trip, we only visited Placencia with a layover in Belize City. I wish we would have revisited one of my favorite places in the world – Caye Caulker. Just a 45 minute boat ride out of Belize City, Caye Caulker is a backpacker’s island paradise. The jewel tone crystal clear water, the lobster, the Rasta vibe, and the affordability make it a must mention in this article. Check out my visit here from my first trip to Belize. If you’re going to Belize, do yourself a favor and add Caye Caulker to your itinerary!

This country has so much to offer from the islands to the rain forest, Mayan ruins, jaguar reserves, and a peaceful vibe. This little country tends to cost a little more than its Central American neighbors. With Cancun airport being so affordable, you should definitely squeeze in a few days enjoying this unBelizable country!

(Psst… I included some pics below from my 2014 trip to show a little more of the country.)

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Next Up: Part 5 – How to Plan a Trip to Central America

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