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Thruhiking the Arizona Trail: Mexico to Superior

Well, I usually try to break these posts up into smaller pieces, but I haven’t had signal or wifi or time, so I’m gonna do my best to keep this 300 mile post brief. Holy cow, WOWZA, the Arizona Trail is a banger. Nonstop… Continue Reading “Thruhiking the Arizona Trail: Mexico to Superior”

How Our PCT Food Resupply Strategy Actually Panned Out

It’s crazy ┬áto think that 10 months ago I was writing out our Food Resupply Strategy for our Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. For those of you planning a thru-hike of your own, I wanted to write a little article about how our food strategy… Continue Reading “How Our PCT Food Resupply Strategy Actually Panned Out”

Food Resupply Strategy for Our PCT Thru-Hike

Of top interest to hikers (and those living vicariously through us) is how in the world we keep ourselves fed throughout the 2660 mile Pacific Crest Trail. There are many, many ways to create a solid resupply strategy, but Sean and I have decided… Continue Reading “Food Resupply Strategy for Our PCT Thru-Hike”

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