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Bob Marshall. Glacier. Canada – Finishing the Continental Divide Trail

As a group of five, we left the tiny town of Augusta, MT, with one week and just over 200 miles to Canada. We picked up the trail from Benchmark Ranch and began walking through the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We started later than usual…

Rise and Grind – 300 Montana Miles in 10 Days on the CDT

Our group came into Darby exhausted after our 220 mile week. We talked ourselves into a zero day pretty easily and spent the day resting and eating. After a couple hours waiting for a ride, we managed to get ourselves back to the trail…

7 Days. 221 Miles. Hiking the ID / MT Ridge on the CDT.

When we arrived in Lima, MT, after our Yellowstone adventure, our group of six was exhausted. We awoke in our hotel and immediately began tossing around the idea of a zero. It didn’t take much convincing for all six of us to be on…

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