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Hot Springs, Erwin, and The Roan Highlands

With a beautiful view of the sunrise from the ridge, we said goodbye to magical Max Patch. Over the next two days, we hiked the final 20 miles into Hot Springs, NC. In the previous week, we had hiked over 100 miles without stopping… Continue Reading “Hot Springs, Erwin, and The Roan Highlands”

Magic on Max Patch

With all but a mile of The Smokies behind us, BigFoot and I planned our biggest day yet. Max Patch, a beautiful mountain bald with tremendous views, was 18 miles ahead, and we wanted to be there to catch the sunset. Thankfully, we awoke… Continue Reading “Magic on Max Patch”

One State Down, 13 To Go!!

Day 4. It was chilly and drizzling leaving Mountain Crossings at Neal Gap. We had another foggy day of climbing up and down the ridge line in the Southern Appalachians. After 6 miles, we hit Tesnatee Gap where The Trail crosses a highway. A small group from… Continue Reading “One State Down, 13 To Go!!”

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