I Should’ve Written a Blog Today

I should’ve written a blog today as I typically do on my days off from hiking, but words seemed to have (mostly) escaped me.

I should’ve written a blog today, but there was no drama or injury, no internal struggles, setbacks, or “exciting news” to report.

I should’ve written a blog today, but how many times can you say the words beautiful, stunning, and amazing? How many times can you be in awe and speechless?

I should’ve written a blog today, but the word grateful is much too small to describe the extent of my thanks to the many friends and strangers that bless our trips.

I should’ve written a blog today, but sometimes it seems my life is but a dream, an occasional heaven, as if I’ve died and my memory of “the accident” is completely lacking…

I should’ve written a blog today, but I never thought a love like ours could exist, let alone that I could experience it and write about it.

I should’ve written a blog today…

Because this shit is cheesy.

Miles 250-450 of the Pacific Crest Trail…

Big Bear from the PCT


Golden Arches never tasted so good.
Poisonous Poodle Dog Bush
Our host, Leslie, feeds her 5 pups a treat. Thanks for sharing your home with us!


Cleaning up trash in Vazquez Rocks County Park. Balloons blow, don’t let them go!!
Heading into Los Angeles with our friend, Anna. Thanks for a great time and the hospitality! We love your family!!




3 Comments on “I Should’ve Written a Blog Today

  1. Bekah and Shawn – great to meet you!

    Vicarious thrills abound in my head, after talking with you yesterday at the Schuberg compound, of your adventures past, present and to come. I will certainly follow you in spirit and in blogaspirit!

    Evolution Valley, here you come!

    God bless and keep you two. And THANKS for this site, though it may cost be in backpacking dollars!!


    • Thank you again and again for your hospitality! It truly was a blessing on our journey. We really enjoyed the clan! Hope our paths cross again 🙂

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