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Week 1

This week has been a whirl wind of crazy. But all is well, and we are learning so much! The week started off with the best send off party a gal could ask for. So spoiled by my family, friends, and community. Thank you…

Gear…. time to pack!

The time has come to assemble all the gear, pack, and pray we have what we need! This list is probably more for me than you but here it is… Clothes Wrap dress Dress 2 skirts 2 tank tops 2 t shirts 2 pairs…

Progress – Itinerary Developments

With less than 9 weeks until takeoff, I thought I’d share our planning progress and an updated itinerary.Β  Our first stop is Cancun, Mexico. We’ll get a little relaxation on the beach, and then we’re on the go. We have four weeks from landing…

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