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Changing Landscapes: Colorado into Wyoming on the CDT

After our back to back 30s to get to Breckenridge and with ominous clouds looming in the sky, we made the easy decision to take our first zero since Chama. We had a perfect day off that mostly consisted of lounging around while keeping…

Through Colorado’s Collegiates – Salida to Breckenridge on the CDT

It was hard to leave Salida, especially with a hiker party going on at a brewery, but we got a ride back to Monarch Pass with local Trail Angel Tom and hit the trail. We made it about 9 miles down the trail logging…

Exploring Colorful Colorado: Chama to Salida on the CDT

After four days off in Chama, Katie’s blistered feet were finally feeling good enough to walk. We were thrilled to begin our hike in Colorado. Trail Angel Ralph was nice enough to give us a ride to the trail, and we were on our…

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